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Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15000

Updated: May 14, 2023

I have been fortunate to try different light systems throughout my career as an underwater filmmaker, and I have to admit that for a long time I struggled to find the right gear to capture my content.

Having to deal with power loss in the middle of a dive, harsh edges and battery malfunction due to extreme cold water, continually frustrated me especially when it impacted my ability to document nature in a rare moment.

I live on Vancouver Island, Canada and I choose the winter days to dive. Less plankton means better visibility and optimal conditions to film. I really put the 15k to the test by trialling how the batteries would respond in cold conditions.

I was pleased that the robust body shape and proper seal in the light mechanism handled the challenging temperatures without affecting the performance throughout the dive.

One of the greatest features these lights have to offer is the ability to digitally check the remaining battery time while allowing the user to select the exact amount of lumens desired. For me, that feature was a game changer as compared to other brands.

Wearing thick gloves can be a pain when trying to switch on and off your lights but Light and Motion

15k streamlined the process by adding larger switches, making the lights themselves user friendly when fully geared up.

Being able to charge the batteries without having to open the unit is an incredible feature. It helps reduce the risk of unexpected flooding and because Light and Motion are always thinking of the user, they have incorporated an option of bringing a spare battery pack on multi-dive shoots.

I am beyond pleased with my new setup and I highly recommend it for underwater photographers and filmmakers. Whether you are shooting small macro subjects or lighting an entire frame with a fisheye lens, the Light and Motion 15k is a must have.

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